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Christopher Dorion

Senior Geoscientist


My passion and my focus is in building geocullular models

I am an experienced industry geoscientist specializing in data driven, integrated 3D reservoir model construction.   My models use all available geological, geophysical, and petrophysical data to constrain parameters as much as possible, while using geostatistical tools to characterize reservoir uncertainty.  These models are designed from the ground up with automation in mind;  as new data are collected, the model will incorporate them at the click of a button.

As a trusted geosciences workflow advisor across many major companies around the world, I have a proven technical track record in multidisciplinary projects.

My other passion is in education

I teach a multitude of software training and geoscience oriented industry courses through the NExT course catalog.  I am proud to maintain one of the highest student survey scores in the organization.  Click on a course below to learn more.

What I’ve done and what I’m doing


I have been involved with many projects throughout North America.  Click on a sedimentary basin below to learn more.

Note that due to multiple signed NDAs, I can only go into some light details for select projects.  If you would like to know more, please contact me

What I can do

Actively working in the energy industry for over 16 years, I have fostered an extensive skillset surrounding subsurface reservoir characterization.  

Domain Skills


Technology Skills


Who I’ve done them for

For over 16 years I have had the fortune to work with many diverse groups of professionals across the planet.  From data migrations, to geomodel building, to software and geoscience training, each group has taught me something, and the conclusion of each project a personal achievement in its own right.

Work History:


SLB (2015-Present)

Senior Geoscientist 

Denver Colorado, United States

Supports and advises the North American geoscience communities in Petrel and Studio software suites, with a focus on data integration and geocellular modeling projects.  Acts as technical lead in SLB geomodeling projects across North America.  Organizes and implements multi-asset scale data migrations and deployments, including data restructuring, hardware/software configuration, and training of technical staff.  Also teaches fully customized courses in Petrel, Studio, and Applied Geostatistics throughout the world using in-house data .


SLB (2010-2015)


Denver Colorado, United States

Supported the Colorado, California, and Alaska geoscience communities in Petrel and Studio workflows.  Traveled extensively to deliver in-house on-site support for introductory to advanced methods in Geology and Geophysics, and in-turn learned from some of the best geoscientists in the industry.  Taught introductory and intermediate courses in Petrel and Studio.


SLB (2007-2010)

Support Geologist

Houston Texas, United States

My introduction to the Energy Industry.  Worked helpdesk support in Petrel and GeoFrame software suites on Geology workflows.  Assisted clients the Houston geoscience community in on-site support, and taught introductory Petrel training courses in geology and geophysics.

Western Colorado University (2005-2007)

Tutor/TA/Field tech

Gunnison Colorado, United States

Assisted students in the laboratory, graded homework assignments, acted as van operator and safety officer in the field for a variety of classes including Applied Geophysics, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Physical Geology, and Igneous/Metamorphic Petrology.

Also assisted students with a variety of mathematics and physics related homework problems in the tutoring center.  Focused on algebra, probability and statistics, calculus (single and multivariable), mathematical modeling, and general physics.

Clients for whom I have delivered products and services include:

2021-Annual-Report (1)-1-pdf-svg-svg
2022 hess_logo-svg

How I learned to do them


Bachelors in Geology
Petroleum emphasis
minors in mathematics and physics

Western Colorado University



Build-it: Geosciences
fixed-step training program



Certifications and other training

Fundamentals of Petroleum Geostatistics
Dr. Clayton Deutsch; University of Alberta Centre for Computational Geostatistics

Reservoir Geomechanics
Dr. Mark Zoback; Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences (Through Stanford Online; formerly the Lagunita platform)

Python for Everybody Specialization
Dr. Charles Severance; University of Michigan School of Information 
(hosted through Coursera)

Core Designer Certificate
Dataiku Academy 

ML Practitioner Certificate
Dataiku Academy 

Advanced Designer Certificate
Dataiku Academy 


Introduction to Data Science Specialization
Dr. Pooja Bagane; IBM 

Geographic Information Systems Specialization
Dr. Nicholas Santos; University of California, Davis Center for Watershed Sciences (hosted through Coursera)

Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization
Margaret Meloni; University of California, Irving (hosted through Coursera)

Instructor level certifications for 13 classes 
NExT training

Current development:

  • Dataiku Machine Learning Operations Practitioner
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Groups I am involved with


American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Member (2010-present)

American Institute of Professional Geologists
Member (2010-present)

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists
Member (2010-present)


Colorado 14ers Initiative 
Peak Steward (2018-present)

American Homebrewer’s Association 
Member (2012-present)

Community Shares of Colorado
Charity Homebrewer (2017-Present)

Colorado Collaborative Foster Care 
Foster dad (2019-present)

Presentations, Papers, and Patents

Kristensen, Morten; Dubost, Fransois Xavier; Dorion, Christopher; Mullins, Oliver C.  Method for De-risking Reservoir Architecture through simulation of fluid charge. U.S. Patent 63/515379, filed July 25, 2023. Provisional patent.

Ruiz, E., Thilbodeaux, B., Dorion, C.S., Mukisa, H., Faskhoodi, M., Hakim, B., Garcia, G., Xu, W., Betancourt, S., Canas, J., Messonnier, T., Mullins, O., Integrated Rock and Fluid Workflow to Optimize Geomodeling and History Matching, SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Dubai, UAW, September 2021., doi 10.2118/206299-MS

Logal, S.K., LaBarre, E., Dorion, C.S., Clarke, P.R., Jamaluddin, M.A., Hartley, A., 2020, Predicting Fluvial Reservoir Facies by Upscaling Seismic Inversion with 3D Geocellular Modeling: Pinedale Field Case Study; Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, doi 10.15530/urtec-2020-2123

Schukla, P.,Xu, L., Dorion, C.S., Paddock, D., Utech, R., Swager, L., Nikoleava, A.,  2019, Digital Solutions to Optimize Stacked Play Development in Delaware Basin-  A Step Change in Multi-disciplinary Value Creation to a customer, Schlumberger 2019 Reservoir Symposium.

Ma, Y.Z., Gomez, E., Phillips, D., Dorion, C., Moore, W.R. Simpson’s Paradox in Evaluating and Developing Unconventional Resources. In Proceedings of the IAMG Annual Conference, State College, PA, USA,10–16 August 2019

Li, S., Zhang, Ye., Ma, Y.Z., Dorion, C.S., Daly, C., Zhang, T., 2018, A comparative study of reservoir modeling techniques and their impact on predicted performance of fluvial-dominated deltaic reservoirs: Discussion, AAPG Bulletin, v.102, no. 8, p. 1659-1663, doi 10.1306/0108181613516519

Dorion, C.S. 2016, Multipoint Facies Simulation Explained or:  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Training Image, Schlumberger Integrated Solutions Tech Talk.