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How do I grade myself?

Skill bars with no context are a pet peeve of mine.  What does a “5/7” in Communication, or a 75% in Microsoft Word even mean?  It can vary by the individual, and it is often not defined.  Since you’re reading this, you care about these details; so here is the scale I created and am using to rate my domain and technology skills.

0-  No Training

This ranking suggests that one has next to no exposure in the skill, no training, and has never pursued knowledge in the skill. Adam Sandler would rank a 0 in the field of quantum mechanics.

1- Beginner

This indicates some basic knowledge of a skill, and the ability to execute the skill with guidance, but also the need for further training to become effective on their own. A typical 15 month old may be considered a beginner in the skill of walking.  For reference, Look around my website and note that my wordpress technology score is a 1.5.

2-  Intermediate

This indicates a solid knowledge base but still the need further practice and experience when performing more complex tasks or challenges. “I can do all things through Google, who gives me answers”. If the skill could be adapted to a hobby, most adept to advanced hobbyists would fit here.

3- Proficient

This indicates that one is adept in a skill at a professional level, can work independently on projects with complex tasks, and complete them efficiently and confidently to a high standard. One can also mentor beginner and intermediate users in becoming adept at this skill.  In short, this is the skill level of a true professional.

4-  Advanced

This indicates a superior understanding of the skill, and a proven track record of successfully applying the skill. One is able to use this skill with ease, and can readilly mentor and train others in advanced topics of the skill.

5-  Industry Leader

This indicates a person in the top 5% of their field in this skill.  One not only demonstrates superior work in this field, but has had some effect in shaping the direction of the field.