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Geomodeler-Data Scientist-Blogger-Homebrewer

About This Site

Hello, and welcome to my personal website!  The purpose of this site is to gain and share knowledge in both my professional life as a geoscientist, as well as my various recreational and community endeavors.  My hope is to provide some tools and discussions that can make geologists, geophysicists, and geomodelers more effective in their professional lives, as well as to have a centralized location to post any of my other endeavors I feel like sharing.


Resources contains various links, documents, files, tutorials, instructionals, etc that I found useful, and you might as well.  Materials here are broken up by domain, and nothing here is sponsored; these are all things I have used, read, watched, and thought worth sharing with others.  If you have material you think would be useful to add, please contact me!


My blog, Model Space, is the central repository for my own content.  It will primarily host information on 3D geocellular modeling tools and techniques, as well as software tips and tricks.  As data science is becoming a more central tool in the geosciences, it will also cover a range of topics in this field and how they can be effectively used in a geoscientist’s toolkit.  

This IS however a personal site, and a personal blog, so I will also host some limited content on my various hobbies, which could include brewing science, reptile husbandry, 4-wheeling, mountaineering, and whatever else strikes my fancy.  

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae exists as a non-exhaustive professional track record of my skills and experience.  If you want to know more about my education, professional certifications, awards, skillsets, past project work, etc, this is the place to start.


I enjoy cooking as a hobby, and my family is always passing around each other’s recipes-  and losing them.  This section is an attempt to centralize all of our recipes, so I no longer have the need to dig through a bunch of old notebooks and scrap papers to find a certain dish.

All of my recipes are also, of course, available to you should you want to take a look!

All of the opinions here are my own, I have no sponsors, and I make no money off it (see any ads?).  This site really started as a personal project to learn basic web development, and after I had it up and running, I thought, “huh-  well now that I have this thing, how can I make it useful?”  What you see before you is what I came up with.  

About Me


The Cliff Notes

I have been a professional geoscientist for more than 15 years, working alongside a host of energy and environmental companies across the world. During this time I have gained a unique perspective on geology, geophysics, and geocellular modeling workflows used within the industry. I enjoy meeting with and sharing my knowledge and skills with others through training, mentoring, and social media. 

Off hours, I have a plethora of hobbies and groups I am involved with, including homebrewing beer, mountaineering, reptile husbandry, piloting drones, 4-wheeling, and more.

Geosciences- In the Rocks

My focus area is that of creating and maintaining 3D geocellular models that capture the complexity and diversity of the Earth’s subsurface.  I use a Living Earth Model approach to this work; that is, creating models which can be automatically updated when fed with new data from a variety of domains and measurements.  As our understanding of the subsurface evolves, so then should the model.


Data Science- Progression in Regression

The energy industry is currently undergoing one of its most revolutionary technology shifts- that is, digitalization.  In the coming years, data will be easier to aquire and access than ever before, and we will have the computational power to process and analyze it all.  It will become more and more important for geoscientists to understand the language of data science and apply the techniques in our work.  One of my ongoing goals is to leverage data science methodology and use it to solve practical geoscience problems.

Brewing Science- Beer for Scale

When I am not working on geoscience projects, I enjoy brewing beer, both recreationally and competitively. It’s a fascinating process that involves chemistry, biology, engineering, and -yes- even modeling. I have probably learned more chemistry brewing than I did in college.

This hobby has become useful many times for community involvement.  I have brewed for multiple community events, including fundraisers for non-profit organizations, weddings, block parties, and more.