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Williston Basin


Seismic integrated study of the Williston Basin (2009)

This was a two year collaborative project between Hess and Schlumberger Data Consulting Services (DCS).  I filled the dual roles of data manager and geophysicist across multiple software platforms (IHS Petra, Hampson Russel, GeoFrame, and Petrel).  My contributions included data provisioning and QC, Mistie analysis of 1300 2D seismic lines across the basin, Seismic attribute analysis and fault/horizon interpretation of four 3D seismic volumes within the Basin.

Studio Based Data Management Infrastructure Deployment  (2012)

The objective of this project was to provide the software infrastructure (database, applications, data transfer protocols, etc.). to standardize data usage across the Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir Modeling, and Completions Engineering groups within the Schlumberger Data and Consulting Services office in Denver, with the goal of integrating data storage and enhancing the group’s market responsiveness.  The pilot of this project focused on the Williston Basin project team.  I deployed the software infrastructure, provisioned data, generated and documented best practices, and trained the users.  The project resulted in a 12.5% decrease in nonproductive time, and an estimated $336,000 in man hours saved annually.  This was the first commercial Studio deployment in the world, and acted as the template for all workflow deployments in the following years.